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Famous Emacs Users (that are not famous for using Emacs)

I don’t think using Emacs could make a better programmer, nor do I think that having a couple of relatively famous middle or old aged people using (or previously using) Emacs could prove that Emacs has some unique power.

However, when I started, there were a few Emacs users that I have high respect for, which is one of the reasons that made me continue to play with Emacs. Here I have created a list of famous Emacs users and hope it will (mis)guide newbies.

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著名 Emacs 用户列表

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我不认为使用 Emacs 能提高一个程序员的水平, 也不认为几个中老年知名人士使用(或使用过) Emacs 就能证明它有什么特殊之处.

但在我的水平比现在更差的时候, 知道这些我心目中的牛人也是(或曾经是) Emacs 用户, 确实是我继续使用和学习关键原因之一. 所以建了这个列表, 希望能对初学者起到一些指(误)导作用.

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