Starred Links – March 2013

Starred Links – March 2013

  • Bounce Away

    A free Android game, which is a lot fun.

    Technically it’s very special: 1. It has been written in Clojure but not
    Java 2. It uses `libgdx’, which is an open source project, as its game engine

  • Hacker Shelf

    Books resources websites. It covers many IT areas including artificial
    intelligence, programming languages, software architecture, data structure
    and algorithms, hacker culture (e.g. `Free Software, Free Society’ by Richard
    Stallman), and so on and so forth. Besides these, Hacker Shelf has books on
    music, religion and economics, which are usually appreciated by hackers.

  • An Introduction to Programming in Emacs Lisp: Book Review and Solutions to the Exercises

    My own blog, which is a good reference for Elisp beginners.

  • elpy: Emacs Python Development Environment

    Python development environment in Emacs. It supports code completion,
    documentation lookup, refactoring, syntax checking and a few other commonly
    used functionalities.

  • Interactive HTML development in Emacs

    MozRepl is a plugin that implements REPL (Read-Eval-Print-Loop) in
    Firefox. With this plugin, you can edit HTML and JavaScript in Emacs and see
    the result of your modifications in real time.

  • Python Conference 2013: Using Python to Code by Voice

    When presenter, Tavis Rudd (an Emacs user :D), developed RSI (Repetitive
    Stress Injury) two years ago, he found he was unable to use the keyboard, so
    Tavis developed a system that enabled him to code Python and Elisp programs
    using just his voice in Emacs (the system itself is also developed in Python
    and Elisp).

Happy Hacking!

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