Emacs: simplify your ERC login

Emacs: simplify your ERC login

ERC is an IRC (Internet Relay Chat) client for Emacs. It is one of my most
frequently-used Emacs plugins because I need to go to FreeNode (the largest
free and open source software focused IRC network) for asking questions from
time to time.

The following snippet might was the first Elisp function I wrote. It sets the
default IRC server, port and nickname for me. With this function, I can get
into FreeNode by only entering my password.

(defun wenshan-erc ()
  "Log into freenode with less keystrokes"
      ((password-cache nil))
     :server "irc.freenode.net"
     :port "6667"
     :nick "Meatball_py"                ;set your username here
     :password (password-read (format "Your password for freenode? ")))))

Note : Please replace Meatball_py with your own FreeNode nickname

Happy Hacking!

Date: 2013-05-09

Author: 任文山 (Ren Wenshan)

Org version 7.9.3d with Emacs version 24

Validate XHTML 1.0

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