Starred Links – May 2013

Starred Links – May 2013

1 Python and OpenERP

2 System Administration

3 Emacs and Elisp

  • Emacs-helm wiki

    Helm’s wiki page, where you could find almost everything related to Helm.

    Notes Helm is Emacs anything‘s successor.

  • Reddit: Emacs tips thread

    A Reddit thread where you can contribute your favorite Emacs tips and learn
    from others.

  • Emacs, Shell, Abbrev, and ELISP Power to Bear!

    Some useful tips for using shell in Emacs, from Xah Lee.

  • Emacs: simply your ERC login

    ERC is an IRC (Internet Relay Chat) client for Emacs. It is one of my most
    frequently-used Emacs plugins because I need to go to FreeNode (the largest
    free and open source software focused IRC network) for asking questions
    from time to time.

    By setting the default server, port and nickname, you could login in one
    step: typing the password.

  • Emacs: split into multiple windows vertically

    In standard Emacs, pressing C-x 3 will call function split-window-right
    to split the current window into two identical windows.

    Sometimes I want to get more than two windows, so I wrote this little

  • Emacs: edit current file as root

    Ever so often I open a file that I don’t I have permission to edit (so
    automatically Emacs will go into read-only-mode). It’s only then I find
    that I need to edit it, so I will have to type in the following command to
    open this file, again, as root:

    C-x C-f /sudo:root@localhost:/path-to-the-file/

    To reduce the number of keystrokes, I have written the following small
    Elisp function, it detects if there is a file that is associated with the
    current buffer; if so, open the file as root.

  • Highlight the current line

    A StackOverflow thread:

    This is my current configuration:

    1:  (global-hl-line-mode 1)
    2:  (set-face-background 'highlight "#222")
    3:  (set-face-foreground 'highlight nil)
  • Emacs Lisp: Throw & Catch, Exit a Loop

    As titled, from Xah Lee.

  • Emacs Lisp: Hash Table

    As titled, from Xah Lee.

  • Emacs Lisp: Find/Determine OS and Emacs Version

    As titled, from Xah Lee.

  • Emacs Lisp Idioms: Prompting for User Input

    As titled, from Xah Lee.

  • Emacs: insert source code block in org-mode

    When taking notes, writing blogs and managing knowledge base with org-mode,
    I need to insert source code blocks quite frequently, so I wrote an Elisp
    function to help me to do it.

  • Smarter Navigation to the Beginning of a Line

    With this function, C-a brings the cursor to the first non-whitespace
    character of the current line, then you could press C-a again to go to
    the real beginning of the line.

    A small but useful tweak.

4 Java and Android

  • Getting Started with Android Studio

    Google I/O 2013 introduced the new Android IDE, Android Studio. I’ve
    played with it for a while and I like it except the annoying font rendering
    problem on Linux (this is actually a problem of Swing).

5 Misc

Date: 2013-06-02

Author: 任文山 (Ren Wenshan)

Org version 7.9.3d with Emacs version 24

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