Starred Links – June 2013

Starred Links – June 2013

1 Python and OpenERP

2 Emacs and Elisp

  • Emacs: Python Debugging, Send Code to an Arbitrary Buffer

    OpenERP development is part of my current job, which means I debug a lot of Python code. This blog offers a few tips on how to debug Python in Emacs. In theory, these tips could also be applied to any other dynamic programming languages.

  • Emacs: Stop Yasnippet auto-indent

    From Xah Lee’s blog. By default, Yasnippet indents the code that is expanded from your snippets automatically. However, for a language like Python, auto-indenting won’t work correctly. You could turn it off by evaluating:

    (setq yas/indent-line nil)
  • Emacs Lisp: Make Backup of Current File

    From Xah Lee’s blog. Use an elisp function to backup the file that is associated with the current buffer. The article also recommends a very quick way to delete these temporary backups, nice and easy, I use it a lot when experimenting new ideas.

  • Emacs Database Interface:EDBI

    A Github link. EDBI (Emacs Database Interface) is relational databases management tool for Emacs.

    After two weeks’ using EDBI, I think it supports PostgreSQL (the only database I’m using at the moment) very well and the query editor is awesome. PgAdmin is abandoned 🙂

  • Emacs Project Navigation and Management:Projectile

    A Github link. Projectile is a light weight project navigation and management tool for Emacs, simple but useful.

  • Emacs:Emacs: Set Default Path for speedbar

    speedbar uses the folder of the file that is associated with the current buffer as the default path. For example, if I open speedbar when editing ~/.emacs.d/dotEmacs/init.el , it will display files under ~/.emacs.d/dotEmacs/ . However, I use dired-jump to achieve a similar functionality, and for me speedbar is a simple project explorer, so I hope it could open a certain folder once activated.

3 Misc

  • Australian Live Radio

    Australian online radios.

    If you are a MPlayer user:

  • The Coding Love

    A collection of animated images that make developers laugh.

Happy Hacking!

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