Starred Links — July 2013

1 Python and OpenERP

2 Emacs and Elisp

  • A Gentle Introduction to CEDET

    A comprehensive CEDET (Collection of Emacs Development Environment Tools) tutorial.

  • Using Emacs for Android Development

    This setup supports Android project management, Android API completion and so on. From my experience, it is faster than emacs-eclim , and it can be easily modified according to your own needs because most of the involved plugins are written in Elisp.

  • CEDET: Android Features

    The chapter about Android development in the CEDET documentation.

  • Eshell completion for git, bzr, and hg

    Use pcomplete to achieve auto completion for git, bzr and hg (they are all version control systems) in Eshell. The implementation code is worth reading because you could apply the idea to other command line tools.

  • Practical guide to use Gnus with Gmail

    Chen Bin’s blog. Copy and paste his configuration, then replace the username and password with your own, done! I have recently switched from mu4e to Gnus.

  • Emacs + org-mode + python in reproducible research; SciPy 2013 Presentation

    Youtube link. Use org-mode for taking notes, writing blogs and essays in reproducible research.

  • Internal Reprogrammability

    An article from Martin Flower that takes Emacs as a starting point and talks about his opinions on Internal Reprogrammability.

  • Famous Emacs Users (that are not famous for using Emacs)

    I don’t think using Emacs could make a better programmer, nor do I think that having a couple of relatively famous middle or old aged people using (or previously using) Emacs could prove that Emacs has some unique power.

    However, when I started, there were a few Emacs users that I have high respect for, which is one of the reasons that made me continue to play with Emacs. Here I have created a list of famous Emacs users and hope it will (mis)guide newbies.

  • Flycheck

    On the fly syntax checking for Emacs, it’s much easier to use than flycheck.

  • Advise Multiple Commands in the Same Manner

    Use macro to make defining redundant advices easier.


Happy Hacking!