GNOME: Move Current Window to Another Monitor

By installing put windows, which is an GNOME plugin, you can press Super + Shift + Left/Right to move the current window to the left-hand/right-hand side monitor , where Super is the Windows key on most keyboards.

  • Operating System: Debian GNU/Linux jessie/sid
  • Desktop System: GNOME 3.4.2
    wenshan@wenshan-b590:~$ gnome-shell --version
    GNOME Shell 3.4.2
  • Keyboard: Microsoft Natural 4000

I have dual monitors setup at both the workplace and home, so I need to move a window to another monitor from time to time and it’s a pain to use the mouse to do this. Finally, I resolved this issue on GNOME.

Install GNOME extension put windows: visit and click the “OFF” on the left-hand side. Then wait the “OFF” to become “ON”, which means the extension is installed. From now on, you can press Super + Shift + Left/Right to move the active window.

This link helped a lot i3 and other windows manager packages, which are also mentioned in the link, should also be able to achieve this. However, for me, any of those “professional” tiling tools is an overkill, since I normally have only two windows: emacs and firefobx.

1 Full-screen Windows Issue

You might not be able to move windows that are in full-screen mode. In this case, you need to change them to normal mode first.